Christmas Countdown Day 3

Tis the season to cozy up by that crackling fireplace, throw some cookies in the oven, grab your favorite cup of hot cocoa or apple cider and turn on your favorite Christmas themed show. 

👩‍🍳  Christmas cooking tip: In case you forget about those cookies in the oven...and a fire starts in your oven, don't open the door!!! Opening it will feed the fire by giving it much needed oxygen only making the fire worse. Instead, breathe, turn off the oven and allow the fire to burn itself out. If it doesn't go out, call 911. 

Here's to hoping you have a safe season of holiday baking! 

Dee and the Chickadee Way Team

Oh, and I found this little poster for you --> How many Holiday Christmas Movies can you find and name all 20?

Wishing you all a Happy Day 3 Christmas Countdown!!!